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Asheville Waynesville Business Lawyer MeetingA smart business owner knows how valuable a good business lawyer can be.  Employment law questions, entering into new contracts, collection of accounts and protection of confidential information are just some of the issues that arise every day in the business world.  Successful businesses know that being able to discuss a potential problem with a business lawyer can save them money and avoid costly litigation.


What is a Business Lawyer?

A business lawyer is an attorney that appreciates the legal needs of small and large companies and offers sound advice and aggressive representation when necessary to go to court. If it concerns the matters of a business, a business lawyer is needed.  A business lawyer will be the go-to person for any business for a situation can greatly impact the company.

Why Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

In today’s economy, making a profit can take all of your effort.  You don’t need the additional burden of worrying about legal headaches. You need a business lawyer to help with those headaches.  If there is any doubt about a decision within the company, a business lawyer is who can legally guide you and the company to the success deserved.  Below is a short but extensive list of possibilities of needing a business lawyer:

  • Business formation, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, corporate resolutions and minutes, and operating agreements for LLCs.
  • Purchase, sale or dissolution of a business
  • Preparation of agreements between shareholders, partners and members
  • Preparation of employee agreements
  • Preparation of non-disclosure agreements and employment contracts
  • Preparation of financial documents for sales and loans
  • Preparation of contracts, including construction contracts and liens
  • Purchase of a business and business assets
  • Lease agreements
  • Commercial and Business Litigation

Hiring a Business Lawyer in North Carolina

Whether you need guidance through the legal process of starting or purchasing a new business or representation in commercial or business litigation, you can place your complete confidence a business lawyer of Cannon Law, P.C.  Our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience in representing business clients in a variety of situations.  Whether you are involved in a dispute with another business, with one of your customers, or even with an investor or employee, our experience in business litigation allows us to give you sound advice and strong representation.  Click here to contact a business lawyer within the firm.

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