Condemnation Attorney

Condemnation Lawyer in Asheville NC WaynesvilleOwning a home or business property often represents years of hard work and savings.  When the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.), a city or county, a pipeline, telephone or power company decides to take your property, you need a condemnation attorney with experience in condemnation (eminent domain) cases.

What is a Condemnation Attorney?

condemnation attorney helps property owners obtain fair compensation for property that has been taken from them for a highway, lake, power line, pipeline or other public purpose. Bill Cannon, a condemnation attorney, knows the special rules that apply to condemnation and how to explain the value of your property to a jury.

Why Do I Need a Condemnation Attorney?

You only have one chance to obtain fair compensation for the property that has been taken from you.  If you decide to negotiate with the D.O.T. or other governmental agency without representation by a condemnation attorney, you could easily fail to include an important element of damages.  If you worried this could happen to you and your property, you should consult a condemnation attorney.  In one case, Bill Cannon was able to convince a judge that a right of way claimed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation for years actually belonged to the property owners.  Without the client hiring a well experienced condemnation attorney, the D.O.T. would not have paid at all for that tract of land.

Hiring a Condemnation Attorney in North Carolina

Bill Cannon has years of experience as a condemnation lawyer  trying condemnation cases on behalf of property owners and governmental entities in Georgia and North Carolina.  He is an effective advocate for property owners in their fight to obtain maximum compensation for their property when it has been taken by condemnation.  Bill knows how  to aggressively present the claims of property owners to North Carolina juries.  Click here to contact a condemnation attorney in North Carolina.