Defective Product Attorney

Defective Product Attorney Asheville SylvaIt is important to contact a defective product attorney if you have encountered a defective product or drug. Defective products and drugs have the potential to cause serious injury and death. Often the defect is not known until an investigation following a catastrophic injury or death reveals a link between the product or drug and the injury.


What is a Defective Product Attorney?

defective product attorney has the ability to understand the technical aspects of the product or drug that caused injury or death, extensive experience in trials and knowledge of the best experts that can be found to assist in the presentation of your case.  In addition, a defective product attorney should know the proper procedures and time lines required to protect your claim.

Why Do I Need a Defective Product Attorney?

Law suits for defective products and drugs in North Carolina are subject to laws that can limit the time within which you must file suit even if you are not aware of the defect. If you suspect that you have been injured by a defective product or drug do not delay in contacting an attorney. Extensive research into the manufacturing process and the hiring of experts is often necessary and should be done as early as possible. This is why hiring a defective product attorney as soon as possible after a serious injury or death is most important.

Hire a Defective Product Attorney in North Carolina

Bill Cannon is a defective product attorney experienced in a variety of defective product cases.  He is skillful at understanding the engineering principles that often lead to a defective product and has the determination  and confidence to take on even the largest companies.   Click here to schedule a free consultation with a defective product attorney in North Carolina.