Why The Cannon Law Firm

Cannon Law Firm Asheville Franklin SylvaAt the Cannon Law Firm, we invite you to spend some time here taking a closer look at what makes this law firm different. Read about our the law firm and some of our experiences and the results. Most importantly, contact us if you need more information or have a question. Our law firm is dedicated to providing outstanding satisfaction and premium legal service to our clients.

Experience of the Cannon Law Firm

There is no substitute for experience. The lawyers of the Cannon Law Firm have over 50 years combined experience in the most serious cases. The law firm has represented consumers and businesses in complex legal matters requiring judgment that comes with many years of actual jury trials in a variety of courts and locations.

Results for the Cannon Law Firm

Serving clients in Asheville, Bryson City, Franklin, Sylva, Hayesville, Murphy and Waynesville, Cannon Law Firm has a proven track record of favorable verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Personal Injury, Death, Insurance & Product Liability Cases

As accident and injury attorneys, we helped a widow recover a substantial settlement for the death of her husband from a defective electrical device. The law firm successfully pursued a drug manufacturer for contaminated eye drops that caused blindness. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in claims against fire insurance companies and in connection with serious injuries and death resulting from motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents.

Business Law & Disputes, Construction, Property & Condemnation Cases

Our business attorney representation includes securing a judgment against foreign corporations for misappropriation of trade secrets and patent infringement, obtaining a significant settlement from venture capitalists for wrongful appropriation of a client’s business venture and providing advice and guidance for businesses entering into contracts and other business ventures.

Our lawyers also represent contractors, sub-contractors and property owners in a variety of disputes. The law firm assisted a family in obtaining compensation from a developer whose construction had polluted the family’s water supply. Our construction lawyers regularly review and draft contracts, pursue and defend liens, as well as represent clients in litigation arising from claims of defective construction.

The law firm has obtained verdicts and settlements that were significant multiples of the deposits paid by the D.O.T. in condemnation cases, including a case successfully overcoming the D.O.T.’s  claim of a long existing right of way on our client’s property.  Our attorneys have protected the rights of property owners to easements, resolved a complex real estate dispute so that a property owners association obtained clear title to common areas and resolved boundary line disputes favorably for our clients.

NOTICE:  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.  Each case has different facts and applicable law and previous results cannot predict the outcome of any particular case.

Client Care and the Cannon Law Firm

The Cannon Law Firm recognizes that having a serious injury, a business dispute, family problems and any other legal matter can be difficult for you.  At such times, having a caring lawyer that knows how to explain your options and help you make a wise decision can ease the stress you are facing.  We keep our clients fully informed of developments in their legal matter and provide copies of documents and correspondence prepared by our office and received from opposing counsel.  It is your case and you need up to date information to make smart decisions.